Getting married in the Eifel – the process

The best day of your life in the historic water mill

Your marriage proposal has hardly been pronounced and you are already thinking about it together: Where do I spend this unique day? Erwin vd Mühle and his team offer the ideal solution in its historical ambience with an all-round package from A- for arrival to Z- for togetherness in the bridal suite.

The geographical location of Birgel offers all couples from the area quick connections, and if you come from Hamburg, Berlin, Munich or Basel, you meet in the middle.

The wedding celebration with a civil ceremony or free wedding ceremony takes place with everything that goes with it on a large area of the mill. Erwin vd Mühle simply takes care of everything so that everything runs smoothly and relaxed right from the start. 2-3 joint discussions incl. a great rehearsal dinner are enough to satisfy all of this.

Hotel, registry office and party location all on one site.

As a bridal couple, you arrive the day before, park the car in front of the bridal suite and maybe already receive one or the other guests who have set off earlier because of the long journey. You can spend the evening together with good food and drinks in the tavern at the sawmill or another room in the historic water mill. The next morning, the bride has enough time to polish herself up for the wedding ceremony.

Hairstyle, cosmetics and much more is done in peace.

The wedding date is announced in the early afternoon. The wedding ceremony is carried out in our own registry office and takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the music or speech. Now a toast with a glass of sparkling wine or freshly tapped beer (so light and casual), before the wedding cake is quickly served for all guests, which is also accompanied by hearty millstone breads. In order to shorten the long time for dinner, Erwin vd Mühle is now offering an exciting and interesting mill tour, which lasts approx. 1 hour and shows all the collected and fully functional mills in operation.

The evening then begins with a selected 4-course menu.

Afterwards, people celebrate and dance with a live band, a DJ or their own laptop until the bride and groom have reached the weight of their bed and have come to the decision: “It was a super great party”. Only when I have heard this sentence will I close the doors in satisfaction and allow the bride and groom with their guests a few more hours of sleep. Now it’s time to have breakfast together again, talk about the evening and then start the journey home without even having tackled the car.

There are around 40 beds at the Birgeler Mühle. If there is a greater need, we still have around 160 beds available in the neighboring town. Of course there is a shuttle service here, for example with a wedding bus or vintage car for the bride and groom, so that all the cars also stop with this version. We offer the all-round package for all sizes of society up to 200 people.

Now comes the exciting and always expected question at the end: “What does it cost”?

I will answer this question for you in the first conversation, after which the decision has been made, “Yes, we can imagine getting married here”.

So go to Birgel, the registry office and the ballroom and have the crucial first conversation with Erwin vd Mühle.

Erwin vd Mühle and his team are looking forward to this.