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The dream of distilling schnapps

In my youth I dreamed of being able to distill schnapps one day. Legally, of course, not like Grandpa with a converted black milk can in the cellar.

Brenner Erwin und PatrickThe dream “distilling schnapps myself” was then fulfilled in 2003. Finding a distillery and getting a permit to go with it, however, took three years. And then to own the orchards to boot, that was no small feat.


Fruits for distilling schnapps

In order to be able to produce a clear brandy, only fruits that have a certain sugar content are considered in order to develop alcohol during fermentation. We most enjoy picking fruits from the wilderness of the Eifel.

Although this is quite a laborious affair, it is almost certainly worth it for the production of an enjoyable gourmet schnapps.

Our favorites here are:
– Elderberry
– Sloes
– Wild Cherry (Bird Cherry)


Establishment of a schnapps distillery

A schnapps distillery consists of a closed kettle that is fired with overpressure. Our distillery is from 1984 and is still fired with wood. This means a high expenditure of time when distilling schnapps, as you have to be on site at all times to have the firing of the distillery under control.

The still with a capacity of 149 liters is incorporated in the closed kettle. When the mash is heated, the alcohol is separated from the water by distillation, because alcohol has a boiling point that starts at 72 degrees. A cooler then condenses again, as this allows the alcohol to be collected. Now, as a precaution, the pre-run, middle run and run-out must be separated.


Take a guided tour to see the structure and operation of a schnapps distillery. Enjoy a homemade schnapps or book a schnapps tasting with your group.

If you would like to try our schnapps in advance, simply order a few samples in our online shop !

“Glück zu” wishes the distiller head miller Erwin v. d. Mühle

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