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Wild flower honey


19,20  / kg

Obtained from many different types of flowers in the Eifel and naturally sweet in taste

Delivery in a 500g jar.

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Our wild blossom honey comes from the colorful variety of many different types of flowers in the Eifel. The honey is characterized by its incomparably naturally sweet taste as well as its extraordinarily tender, melting consistency. The nectar is obtained from flowers such as berry bushes, willow or maple, etc., carefully processed and then bottled in a compact 500 g honey jar ready for consumption.

Its specialty: a new composition is created every year. Accordingly, with each new year you can expect not only a new wild mix of wildflower variety, but also a new variation of the delicious wildflower taste

This is how the honey tastes particularly good

With desserts, coffee and cake or as a healthy alternative to sugar in tea and when cooking. The aromatic honey from wild flowers goes well with almost everything and is an increasingly popular favorite on the breakfast table. It is easy to spread on bread and melts gently on the tongue.


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Wild flower honey

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