Honey from the Eifel
Our honey is the symbol of the purest nature in its most beautiful form. Our delicious honey is created in close cooperation with local beekeepers from the natural diversity of the untouched landscapes of the Eifel in all its facets. We attach great importance to the well-being of the bees and process the scooped honey with the greatest care.

It is hard to believe and yet it is true: The most aromatic types of honey are often produced in regions whose changeable climate and fluctuating temperatures are not always ideal.

In gastronomy, honey is used in a variety of delicious desserts. You can get our delicious honey from the Eifel directly on site in our mill shop and now finally online!
From nectar to honey
As soon as a bee discovers a rich source of nectar for itself, it tells its colony about it with a bee dance. Then all the forager bees fly to the said source to collect the nectar of the plant. The bees then collect the nectar and then return to the beehive to give it to a hive bee. At this point, the nectar is far from being honey, but rather a sugary aqueous solution.

The real work begins in the beehive. The nectar is sucked in and released several times. With each time the nectar is enriched with enzymes, proteins and acids of the bees.

Then it is time for storage. The now thickened juice is filled into an empty honeycomb cell. Now only the water content has to be reduced. The bees manage to reduce the initial water content from around 75% to below 20% on their own.

If the content of the filled honeycomb cell has the required consistency, it is closed with a wax lid. The beekeeper can easily see whether the honey is ripe and can soon start harvesting the naturally sweet honey.

When the honey is ripe, the beekeeper carefully removes the honeycomb cells from the beehive. The wax layer is then carefully removed and the honey can easily be removed from the honeycomb cells. After stirring several times to prevent the honey from crystallizing, the honey can be poured into the ready-to-serve glass.
Our types of honey
Our Eifler rapeseed honey is obtained from the nectar of the glorious yellow rapeseed fields. It tastes extremely lovely and impresses with its creamy consistency.

Our wild blossom honey is made from the colorful variety of different types of flowers in the Eifel. Its naturally sweet taste and its delicately melting consistency make it a unique pleasure.