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Liqueur from the Eifel
The dream of “distilling schnapps yourself” finally came true in 2003. With the mill’s own schnapps distillery, Chefmüller Erwin has fulfilled a childhood dream and since then has been distilling his own brandy and liqueur with the best ingredients in and from the Eifel with great dedication.
A sip of home – fruits straight from the Eifel
For a clear fire, only fruits with a certain sugar content are suitable, because this is the only way to produce alcohol during fermentation. Like the liqueur itself, the fruits for the liqueur come from the Eifel. Quite a lot of effort, which is more than worthwhile for enjoying such a gourmet schnapps.
The different liqueurs introduce themselves
Our particularly creamy hazelnut liqueur with an alcohol content of 19.4% vol., Tastes not only pure, but also delicious with desserts, as an addition to coffee and all kinds of hot drinks. Finely chopped hazelnuts as a topping complete the taste experience of the nut liqueur.

Our peach liqueur vineyard peach with an alcohol content of 25.4% vol., Is characterized by its purple color. The liqueur seduces with its intense aroma and not only tastes excellent as an aperitif with champagne or sparkling wine, but is also a delicate addition to sauces or dessert.

Our plansifter herbal liqueur with an alcohol content of 35% vol., contains not only fruits straight from the Eifel, but also a total of 63 different types of herbs. Tastes great pure (on ice) or in cold or hot mixed drinks. Refined by our own apple brandy, it is characterized by its unique taste and name, so it checks in the stomach whether everything is plan.

Our fruity sloe liqueur with an alcohol content of 25% vol., is characterized by its full-bodied taste as well as its lovely mildness. The wild berries from the Eifel can often be found at the edges of the forest, but are only edible and ready for harvest after the first frost. It tastes more fruity than sweet and therefore extremely tasty on its own.
Brandy distilling me Erwin von der Mühle
Would you like to immerse yourself in the exciting world of a schnapps distillery? Then book a personal appointment for a schnapps distilling seminar / course in the Eifel and let the head miller initiate you personally into the secrets of distilling schnapps & the production of our full-bodied liqueurs. Group appointments are also possible on request.

Enjoy a homemade schnapps soon or book a schnapps tasting with your group!