Sloe liqueur


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Alcohol content: 25% vol

mild & full-bodied in taste, tastes more fruity than sweet.

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Sloe liqueur from the Eifel

With an alcohol content of 25% vol., This fruity liqueur is characterized by its full-bodied taste and its lovely mildness. Sloes are very special, wild plums the size of hazelnut kernels. The blackthorn from the Eifel can often be found at the edges of the forest, but is only edible and ready for harvest after the first frost. Therefore, sloes have been very popular for making liqueur for a long time.

How do you enjoy the liqueur?

Due to its fruity rather than sweet taste, it tastes extremely delicious on its own. Whether to toast with friends and family, after work or a delicious dinner, this full-bodied liqueur is a real pleasure in the mill’s own way.

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Sloe liqueur

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