Group trip to the Eifel

Am 21.05.2024 bleibt die Historische Wassermühle für einen Tag geschlossen. Am 22.05.2024 sind wir wieder wie gewohnt für Euch da.

Group trip to the  Plan nature

The Eifel is a worthwhile holiday destination in Germany, where you can discover many beautiful sights. These can be explored particularly well as part of a group tour; Anyone planning such a group trip to the Eifel cannot ignore the historic watermill in the beautiful town of Birgel.

This water mill is not only an ideal starting point for excursions in the surrounding area, the property itself also offers a variety of activities, especially for groups. Regardless of whether it is a group of work colleagues, friends or sports comrades – all group travelers can get to know each other better in the water mill during the courses offered here and spend a relaxing holiday.

Not only hikes in the surrounding area are particularly popular, bike tours are also a great option in the Eifel. For this purpose, you can rent electric bicycles from the watermill in Birgel – with these it is easy to explore the beautiful nature around the watermill.
As a group, you shouldn’t miss taking part in one of the organized guided mill tours. These take place every day except Mondays at 12 noon – by the way, there are also special dates for groups by prior arrangement. During such a tour, most holidaymakers also feel like taking part in one of the countless events. How about making your own mustard, for example? This offer is available for groups of ten or more participants in the Senfmühle and is often used during a group trip to the Eifel. The Eifel mustard, which is known far beyond the country’s borders, is still made in the traditional way in the almost 200-year-old mustard mill – a lasting experience for young and old and certainly a nice souvenir for those who stayed at home.

So much excitement and excitement is known to make you hungry – the extensive menu at Wassermühle Birgel therefore offers the right food and drinks for every taste. When full, most of the guests are drawn to one of the tastefully furnished half-timbered rooms to prepare themselves for a new and eventful day in the comfortable beds.