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Historic mustard


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• Historical mustard is the origin of all of our mustards

• Gives sauces a wonderfully piquant note

• Goes with all cold and warm dishes

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Historical mustard from the Eifel

Our historic mustard goes back a long way in history. Freshly prepared according to an original recipe from 1820, it is almost as old as the historic water mill itself and is considered to be the origin of all of the mill’s own mustards.

How is mustard made?

Cleaned, crushed, degreased and then ground. The journey of the mustard seed is long, and yet that is not the end of the journey. The historic mustard is only complete after water, vinegar, salt, sugar and the spices have been added. The fermentation completes the process. Similar to beer production, a mash is created, which matures for at least 4 weeks and gives the mustard its unique taste. By being processed in the “cold way”, the mustard does not lose any of its essential oils and aromas.

Historic mustard in the kitchen – it shouldn’t be missing from these recipes

The traditional mustard is a real all-rounder. It goes well not only with warm, hearty dishes, but also with cold dishes. Simple bread meals are turned into delicacies and the mustard sauce served for dinner or lunch impresses with its piquant note.

For optimal preservation of the mustard and its spiciness, make sure to store the mustard as cool and dark as possible after opening.

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