Mustard flour from the Eifel
Our mill range offers all kinds of delicacies, our mustard flour shouldn’t be missing, because mustard flour can be used in many ways and is much more than just the basic ingredient for a delicious mustard. We produce our mustard flour on site in the mill’s own mustard mill. Chefmüller Erwin personally grinds the mustard seeds and packs them fresh.
An all-rounder
Mustard flour is not only the basic ingredient for the production of mustard, but also a popular spice for dishes that give dishes of all kinds a piquant, spicy note. It is also popular in salad dressings, for seasoning sauces or simple dips. Interesting to know: mustard flour is not always spicy, it only develops its spiciness after coming into contact with water.
Our mustard flour variants
Our brown mustard flour is characterized by its significantly stronger and spicy character and is used in many ways in the kitchen.

Our yellow mustard flour is characterized by its naturally sharp taste and is an ideal flavoring agent for individual dishes.

Our mustard meal is a basic ingredient and therefore a must for the production of delicious mustards. It is also a popular favorite among gourmets as a spice.

So if you want to become a mustard miller yourself, you will definitely enjoy our campaign package for making mustard yourself , which combines our three variants in a practical bundle.