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Simply make delicious mustard yourself

If you have already enjoyed our unique mill mustard, you will love your homemade mustard! You read that correctly, our delicious mustard is not only available in a glass for your own home, but also to make yourself very easily.

Whether alone, as a couple, as a unique gift idea or with the whole family. There is no doubt that the mustard from the mill remains the best in terms of taste. But if you would like to become a mustard miller yourself, you can now make your own mustard at will.

Homemade food tastes best and the variety of mustard is immeasurable. One likes a little garlic, the other more, another prefers the popular combination of honey and mustard, while another prefers a perhaps previously undiscovered creation. There are no limits to the creative kitchen. With our promotional package, you can now make your own favorite mustard and create unusual flavors.

Our ingredient package includes:

1x 200g brown mustard flour

1x 200g yellow mustard flour

1x 200g mustard meal

Our promotional package is popular fun among friends and for the whole family. Are you still looking for a personal gift? How about giving away your own homemade mustard? Unique and delicious on top.

More recipe ideas for unique mustards

Garlic mustard

Finely grind the garlic and add to the basic mustard

FIG mustard

Chop the figs and mix in the basic mustard

Honey mustard

Add 2-3 tablespoons of honey and oil and add to the basic mustard

Quince mustard

Chop the quinces, process into a puree and then add to the basic mustard

Christmas mustard

Chop up the ginger, grind the orange peel and gingerbread spice finely and mix the finished mixture into the basic mustard.




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