Edible oil from the Eifel
Cold-pressed oils are a valuable part of our daily diet. This tried and tested tradition still lives on with us today. Our historic oil mill is an incredible 200 years old and has a capacity of 300 liters of oil per day. Since its restoration, the mill has been in full operation again and has been producing delicious cold-pressed oils under Chefmüller Erwin’s supervision.
How is the oil made?
In the oil mill, the rapeseed from rapeseed fields in the region is heated in a kettle and ground to a pulp by two millstones. This pulp is cold-pressed at no more than 20 degrees, from which the oil is extracted and filled directly into the glass bottle.
Our edible oil creations at a glance
Our hazelnut oil is produced directly on site in our own oil mill. In addition, the best hazelnuts from regional hazelnut bushes are cold-pressed, from which natural oil is then extracted.

Our pumpkin seed oil is a specialty of autumn, its bright orange colors also resemble the color scheme of the pumpkin itself. The oil is obtained from pumpkin seeds from regionally harvested pumpkins.

Our rapeseed oil is obtained from rapeseed that is grown on rapeseed fields in the Eifel. The rapeseed kernels are first peeled and then cold-pressed into golden-yellow rapeseed oil in the in-house oil mill, fresh from the mill.