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19,67  / kg

Made from pork & refined with fresh onions and selected spices

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Our Eifeler Mettwurst is a traditional mill sausage of top quality, which is very popular with our mill guests. The country sausage is made from pork and refined during production with fresh onions and selected spices, before being lovingly filled into a 300 g glass. The meat comes from regional land slaughterhouses, and we attach great importance to the highest quality standards. Their unique taste and home-made style make this spreadable sausage in a glass a real delicacy raw sausage.

How do you enjoy the Mettwurst

The spreadable sausage tastes good at any time of the day, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is best enjoyed served on a fresh slice of bread or a crispy roll. The addition of finely chopped white onions rounds off the enjoyment experience.


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