Due to extreme flood damage, the historic watermill and the online shop will be completely closed for a long time. All overnight stays and weddings are canceled and must be rescheduled. At this point we will inform you about news. Here you can support the mill: Donation account & video message from Chefmüller Erwin

Sausage specialties from the Eifel
The historic watermill stands for the best quality, craftsmanship and natural ingredients that we obtain directly from the Eifler region. Accordingly, we are particularly proud of our sausage types, which you can not only purchase directly from us in our mill shop, but now also in our online shop!

The unadulterated natural taste of the sausage in combination with selected spices and fresh ingredients such as apples and onions makes them a selection of real delicacies from traditional country cuisine and continues to delight our mill guests to this day.
Know where it comes from
We are proud to be able to offer a good example of the special quality Eifel sausage products. Our meat products come exclusively from local land slaughterhouses and farms in the region. We attach great importance to fair, species-appropriate animal husbandry.
An overview of the sausage specialties
Our Eifler Gutsleberwurst is one of our most popular sausage specialties from the historic watermill and has long been one of the mill favorites of our guests.

Our Eifeler Mettwurst is a traditional mill sausage of top quality that is made from pork and refined during the production process with fresh onions and selected spices.

Our Eifeler Rotwurst is an original country sausage specialty from our mill, which not only attracts the attention of our guests because of its intense red color.

Our Eifler Bauernschmalz is a real specialty of the mill and a delicious delicacy based on grandma’s recipe, made from pork fat and pork flavors.

Kontakt The online shop will remain closed until further notice due to flood damage.