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Fruity jams made from fresh Eifel fruits
Our jams, made according to a traditional mill recipe, are the result of devotion to true fruit enjoyment. With an exceptionally high fruit content of more than 50%, we pursued this love and since then proudly present our exclusive selection of jams, made from the best fruits of the Eifel region, which will hopefully soon be on your breakfast table.

To be fair, we would like to warn you: You will probably be resistant to normal jams and jams in the future, because our jams are not only particularly high in the amount of fruit in gently processed fruits, but also particularly low in added sugar!
What is the difference between jam, jam and fruit spread?
Traditionally, the term “jam” was used for the preparation of different types of fruit. Strictly speaking, today we only speak of jam if it is a product made from one or more citrus fruits. And yet every sweet fruit spread was and is colloquially referred to as jam. Jam, on the other hand, is made from one or more different fruits, sugar and water. In the meantime, pieces of fruit can be found in both jams and jams. This property was otherwise only valid for jam. Unlike jams and marmalades, the fruit spread does not follow any specific rules. It is not specified here what ingredients it has to consist of, nor how much fruit it has to show in order to earn its name.
Our jams at a glance
Our handmade strawberry-rhubarb jam is not only particularly fruity in taste, but also, unlike other jams, is a product that is carefully processed and has a noticeably low added sugar.

The gentle processing of sweet-mild raspberries and strawberries from the Eifel region make our raspberry-strawberry jam an incomparable pleasure experience.

The combination of several taste nuances of elderberries, tart to bitter and ultimately sweet in the aftertaste, makes our elderberry jam something very special.

Our elderberry-apple jam is made from the tastiest elderberries and apples in the region, which make this fruit arrangement a sweet treat.

Made from the best elderberries and plums from the Eifel, our elderberry-plum jam tastes remarkably natural and exceptionally delicious.