Historic oil mill

Am 21.05.2024 bleibt die Historische Wassermühle für einen Tag geschlossen. Am 22.05.2024 sind wir wieder wie gewohnt für Euch da.


The oil mill comes from Selfkant (Heinsberg district) and is almost 200 years old. It has a capacity of 300 liters per day for the production of rapeseed oil .

The rapeseed is heated and ground into pulp by 2 millstones, which is then pressed and bottled at no more than 20 ° C (cold pressing).

Klaus Spohr restored the old mill and turned it into an operational oil mill.

Cold-pressed oils

Cold-pressed oil not only from Spain and Italy, but also from the Eifel.

As in the past, cold-pressed oil is produced here again – of course from the finest Eifel raw products.

Rapeseed oil , hazelnut oil, pumpkin seed oil

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