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Apple brandy


172,50 / l

Alcohol content: 43% vol

Natural sweetness, full-bodied & aromatic-mild.

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Apple schnapps from the Eifel: our traditional apple brandy

Our apple brandy with an alcohol content of 43% vol. Is made exclusively from apples from the Eifler region, which gives it the natural sweetness that is typical of apples and has a particularly full-bodied and aromatic-mild taste.

How do you enjoy the brandy?

The best way to enjoy the classic brandy is cool. Gourmets take note: so that the schnapps can develop all its aromas, the ideal drinking temperature is between 15 and 18 degrees. Whether before the meal, as a fine rounding off after dinner or as a companion to a wide variety of food creations, our apple schnapps tastes excellent both as an aperitif and digestif.


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Apple brandy

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