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Mirabelle burnt


56,80  / l

Alcohol content: 43% vol

Mild, sweet fruit taste and a floral note

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Mirabelle brandy from the Eifel

Our Mirabelle brandy with an alcohol content of 43% vol. Is a lovely brandy specialty with a particularly elegant taste. The sun-ripened mirabelle plums, which are also often called “yellow plums”, are characterized by their extremely sweet taste and wonderful aroma and give our brandy its uniquely mild-sweet fruit taste and a wonderfully floral note.

How do you enjoy the brandy?

Chilled at a drinking temperature of 15 to 18 degrees, the brandy can develop its aromas excellently. After a meal, it can be enjoyed neat as a digestif. Its intensely fruity aroma and mildly sweet taste make it a favorite among summer drinks and even a popular ingredient in baking.


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Mirabelle burnt

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