Regional schnapps and spirits from our Eifler schnapps distillery
With the mill’s own schnapps distillery, Chefmüller Erwin fulfilled his long-awaited childhood dream of “distilling schnapps” in 2003. Since then he has been producing his own liqueur & brandy directly in Birgel with the best regional ingredients from the Vulkaneifel.
How are the fine brandies made?
In the schnapps distillery, the closed kettle is fired with overpressure. The distillery from the mill dates from 1984 and is still fired with wood, which guarantees a high expenditure of time, since constant presence is a must to keep the firing of the distillery under control at all times. The still with a capacity of 149 liters is incorporated in the closed kettle. Alcohol has a boiling point of 72 degrees, so when the mash is heated, the alcohol is separated from the water by distillation. The cooler condenses the whole thing again and so, in the end, the alcohol can be collected. Then, as a precaution, the pre-run, middle run and run-on are separated from each other.

Fruit brandy, fruit schnapps and fruit spirit? But where exactly is the difference? Quite simply: in the manufacturing process.

For our fruit spirit, low-sugar and low-starch berries, nuts or fruits are used that are not mashed but fermented before distillation. Popular and common ingredients are raspberries, walnuts, hazelnuts and sloes. By adding neutral alcohol, the aromas are removed from you, this soaking process is called maceration. After successfully soaking the ingredients, they are distilled.

In the case of fruit brandy or fruit schnapps, one speaks of a spirit that is made from fruits such as apples, pears, plums or plums. These fruits are mashed and then distilled. After the distillation, the fruit distillate has an alcohol content between 70-80%. Finally, the brandy is then filled with soft water in order to reduce it to the desired drinking strength of 40-42%.
An overview of the brandies
Our apple brandy is made exclusively from apples from the region. The classic brandy tastes particularly full-bodied and mild in taste.

With our echo stopper apple brandy stored in oak barrels , we speak of a definite rarity. Its wonderful fruit aroma and the subtle note of wood make it a particularly noble taste experience.

Our hazelnut spirit impresses with its distinctive nutty taste and aromatic scent.

Our raspberry spirit seduces with its extraordinarily aromatic smell and its intensely fruity taste, which extends from the nose to the palate.

Our unique elder brandy is made from the most famous wild fruits of the Eifel. The fruits give the brandy a unique scent and unusual taste that only elderberry can give.

Our cherry brandy made from Eifel bird cherries is characterized by its wonderful fragrance, which is slightly reminiscent of marzipan, and its fine, opulent taste. Due to its long reverberation, it leaves a lasting impression.

Our Mirabelle brandy is made from sun-ripened mirabelle plums, which give the brandy a uniquely mild, sweet fruit taste and a wonderfully floral note.

When it comes to our mill brandy, we speak of a very special product from our schnapps distillery, which we also like to call “Eifelgrappa”, without exaggerating.

Our mill whiskey is not only a real eye-catcher because of its golden color. Because its elaborate manufacturing process also makes it one of our unique brandy specialties. Because it is stored in oak barrels, it gets its unmistakable Mühle original taste.

Our fruit brandy is a perfect interplay of local apples and pears, refined with the finest in-house sloe, cherry and elder brandy and thus a fusion of the most excellent fruit flavors.

Our fruit brandy number 1 is made on the same basis as our fruit brandy, but that’s not all, after all, it’s not number 1 for nothing! The specialty lies in the mash. Every year Chefmüller Erwin creates a new composition for the mash.

Our sloe brandy is a special brandy specialty made from the fruits of the blackthorn. In terms of taste, the fruit aroma is reminiscent of cherries or plums. Due to its elaborate harvest, it is considered a real rarity.

Our Schlehengeist is also one of our fine brandy specialties. Full-bodied and aromatic in taste, it is a delight for every gourmet.

Our mustard spirit is probably our most extraordinary brandy and a loyal companion in the kitchen. When cooking, it can be used to refine hearty meat and grill dishes.

Our plum brandy is made from regional plums and has a particularly mild and full-bodied taste. Since the whole fruit is processed with stone, plums are often accompanied by a slight note of almonds.