Mill whiskey


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Alcohol content: 43% vol

the unmistakable Mühle original taste

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Traditional mill whiskey from the Eifel

Our mill whiskey with an alcohol content of 43% vol. Is not only a real eye-catcher because of its golden color. Because its elaborate manufacturing process also makes it one of our unique brandy specialties. The basis for the mill whiskey is the same process as for brewing beer. Chefmüller Erwin prepares a mash for this in the in-house brewery. The mash is then distilled in our schnapps distillery, from which a beer brandy is created. Last but not least, this brandy is stored in oak barrels, which gives it its unmistakable Mühle original taste and the delicious Mühlen whiskey is born!

How do you enjoy the brandy?

At around 18 to 22 degrees, the aromas can develop perfectly. When enjoying whiskey, the sense of smell and the so-called “smelling” of all its different scents play a major role. In order to enjoy the whiskey in all its diversity, it is important that it touches all parts of the tongue in order to activate the various taste receptors. In contrast to our other brandy specialties, our whiskey is best enjoyed pure and separately from meals, as these can falsify the taste.

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