Raspberry spirit


Alcohol content: 43% vol

exceptionally aromatic & intensely fruity

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Raspberry spirit from the Eifel

Our raspberry spirit with an alcohol content of 43% vol., Seduces with its extraordinarily aromatic smell and its intensely fruity taste, which reaches from the nose to the palate. Since raspberries are very difficult to ferment and produce little alcohol, they are usually made into a spirit. For our fruit spirit, we only use the best berries for maceration and distillation. The mixture of raspberries and alcohol then remains untouched for several weeks. In this way, the smell and taste are transferred perfectly to the alcohol and is ready for consumption.

How do you enjoy the brandy?

The fruit spirit is best enjoyed at room temperature or slowly and coolly at a drinking temperature of 12-13 degrees. It also tastes great in mixed drinks, cocktails and with eggnog. In the evening or at lunchtime, it sweetens the day both as an aperitif and digestif.

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Raspberry spirit

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