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Mustard spirit


97,50 / l

Alcohol content: 43% vol

Made from specially ground mustard seeds & a rarity on the market

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Mustard spirit from the Eifel

Our mustard spirit with an alcohol content of 43% vol. Is probably our most extraordinary brandy and a loyal companion in the kitchen. We produce the distillate with ground mustard seeds directly from our mustard mill, which is why it is one of the few of its kind on the market and is therefore a true rarity. It is therefore also perfect as a gift or as a simple souvenir from the mill.

How do you enjoy the brandy?

The spirit is the perfect secret ingredient that conjures up a luxury meal out of even the simplest dinner. When cooking, it can be used to refine hearty meat and grill dishes. But it is also ideal for refining noble homemade sauces. For those who like it spicy, it can also be enjoyed wonderfully pure.

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Mustard spirit

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